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Customer service is part of our company culture from the top down, we believe that prodiving superior Customer Service is what sets us apart from the competition. Please take a moment and read about what our customers experiences. We are confident that The Desk Doctors is your best choice for your home or small business. If you would like to leave a comment for use on our website, please send an email to Support@TheDeskDoctors.com.

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Thank you for your interest in The Desk Doctors and we look forward to working with you.

I am a retiree and operate a small home business that is completely dependent on the operation of my computer. Unfortunately, I am as ignorant  as I am dependent on IT technology. My customers depend on me to provide a 24 hour turnaround and get quite upset when delays occur. Prior to my relationship with The Desk Doctors, I depended on the charity of friends and family to keep me operational. Some times that worked and some times it didn't. It always made me feel like a royal pain. Now, I have access to expert assistance far superior to any I received in the past and I don't feel like a pest. The Desk Doctors are available 24/7 and always provides a solution either by hooking up to my computer or by a timely visit. They are the best.

Bob A. - Emsworth PA

My husband and I were both having internet connectivity problems with our PCs.  We asked around and got a couple of referrals but I had also looked online and found The Desk Doctors website.  The language of the services and pricing offered seemed too good to be true, but the customer testimonials grabbed me.  In the end, we decided to go with our intuition.  We are so glad we did.  We received honest, friendly, professional, knowledgeable service.  As soon I was back online, I sent an e-mail to all my friends with the link. 

Jean B. - Baldwin PA

The Desk Doctors were great! I called and the next day they came to my house and fixed my computer. The tech was very nice and explained a lot of stuff to me as he worked. I am so happy to have someone honest and reliable that I can refer out to my friends and family.

Kathy R. - Mount Lebanon, PA

I hired another local company to fix my pc, I was concerned because they charge by the hour, but the guy on the phone said "don't worry it rarely takes over an hour". He ran into some kind of problem and three hours later I had to tell him to stop because I had run out of money. I was broke and my pc was not fixed. That's when a friend told me about The Desk Doctors, they charged me a flat rate and fixed my computer in about 2 hours.

Jenna D. - Robinson, PA

I had a virus on my computer and The Desk Doctors were able to get all of my pictures and music back, and I didn't lose any of it. They came and picked up my computer and the next day they delivered it and hooked it back up with all of my pictures and music already loaded on. Great Job!

Joann K. - Butler, PA

My computer was booting to a black screen. The Geek Squad told me that I needed a new hard drive and I was going to lose all of my pictures and music. They quoted cost of the repair was $349. I called The Desk Doctors and they came to my house and found out that it was a driver causing the problem. They fixed it for $75 and didn't need to buy any new parts. I would recommend them to anyone.

Jerry P. - Pittsburgh, PA

I am very pleased with computer service that I received from The Desk Doctors, I was not expecting this level of professionalism from a small locally owned company. I would recommend them to anyone, they really know their stuff.

Richard B. - Monroeville, PA