Building Rustic Corner Desk

Sep 18th

Rustic Corner Desk can make use of a space in the house that previously could have gone to spill floor surface. By installing a desktop, the desktop area is maximize without requiring a large amount of space in the room. Assembling a desktop drive can provide enough space for a computer workstation, as well as a place to keep household bills and other household goods companies

Use a table to saw 3 feet with 3m pieces 3/4 inch birch plywood at the top of the desk. Set the guide on the Rustic Corner Desk saw a 45 degree angle and cut the ends of the plywood that will meet in the corner. Take the time to ensure that the saw will decrease the 45 degree angle to the right direction. Some even require a board to be turned upside down while cutting to fit the two sides properly. Use a hand grinding machine to level all the rough edges of plywood dry. Using a soft cloth, wipe off dust and paint and seal the wood before mounting on the wall. Allow the stain to dry.

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Slide a control detector along the wall 36 inches from the floor and indicate where the bolts are. Use a drill and 1 1/2 or screws to secure the angle shelf braces on the wall at the stutter seats. Each side of the Rustic Corner Desk should have two angle shelf braces. Place the prepared pieces of the desk into the mounted shelf braces. Place the two halves of the table top so that the corner seam is even and tight together. Attach the two halves by placing 2 inches by 2 inches with 3/4 cm pieces of scrap plywood over the seam on the underside of the table and secure with 1 inch wooden screws. At least three plywood braces should be placed along the corner seam.

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