Create Your Own Comfortable Bush Corner Desk

Sep 18th

What do all these people have in common? They need to create a bush corner desk work zone at home where they can carry out their activity with peace of mind. Is it your case? Do you study or work from home? Or are you rather of those who make crafts and end up invading the whole room? Well today we want to show you some ideas so you can create your own work zone at home.

Although it sounds like school punishment, it is not … We refer to the fact that in many homes, by size or distribution, the only space available to place a desk is in the corners of the room. But that has advantages! For example, for people who are easily distracted when they study or work at home, placing bush corner desk in front of the wall and in a corner favors concentration and reduces distractions.

Thus, when lifting the head of the table they meet the wall. That does not mean that you should give up having a well-decorated work space, comfortable and with natural light. If putting plants at home is very positive for your physical and emotional health, why not put them in your bush corner desk area? Besides that at the decoration level they will be a plus, they will give you positive energy so that you yield more.

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